Interested in becoming a Community Home Carer for Be Caring!

Become a Day-Maker and Smile-Giver

We are looking for values driven people to join Be Caring as a Community Home Carer, providing care across South Leeds in; Beeston, Middleton, Rothwell, Morley, East Ardsley, Tingley, Seacroft, Killingbeck and surrounding areas.

    Pay: £19,760 - £23,095

    Working on shifts, paid from start to finish on shifts.

    • £10.00 p/hr on a flexible shift (block) contract (working on a defined shift pattern but working across areas to cover absences and build new runs
    • £9.40p/hr on a standard shift (block) contract (working within a more defined geographical area on set runs
    • Mileage - 40p per mile - average allowance £85 every 4 weeks

    £500 - New starter bonus

    New starter bonus split into 2 payments at 3 months and 6 months; based on average hours worked.

    • £500 for 40+ average weekly hours (£250 per payment)
    • £400 for 30-39 average weekly hours (£200 per payment)
    • £300 for 20-29 average weekly hours (£150 per payment)
    • £200 for 10-19 average weekly hours (£100 per payment)

    Working Hours

    Join our team of Community Home Carers. We offer full and part-time hours, available on a shift pattern, which includes evenings and weekends.

    • Morning shift: 07:00am-2:00pm
    • Evening shift: 3:30pm - 10:00pm

    The Role

    You will support customers and their families to achieve personal outcomes that promote greater independence, use reablement approaches and support access to community services. As a Community Home Carer, you will:

    • Provide personal care that protect people’s dignity.
    • Promote independence using enabling and reabling approaches.
    • Connect people to their local support and services
    • Support people to meet their outcomes, involving families and professionals.
    • Deliver personalised care through individual choice and control.
    • Be a strong and effective communicator, documenting, reporting and sharing information with the right people at the right time.

    To find out more, APPLY TO POSITION

    Laura Smith, our Recruitment Officer, will be in touch very soon!